Welcome to Crow's Nest Models!

We offer a collection of original garage kits with astounding levels of
detail and accuracy, as well as incredibly life-like add-on figure sets, stunning accessories, and jaw droppingly cool lighting kits.  Quite frankly there simply aren’t enough really expressive adjectives to do these products justice...  they truly must be seen to be appreciated... so by all means, please... BROWSE ON!

Note that accessories designed for particular kits, along with lighting kits or any other
“add-on” product are all displayed on their associated “master” kit’s page. Instructions and other other downloadable documents are also to be found on their respective product’s pages.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, in that we go to great lengths to make sure each customer is happy with the products they purchase.  That said, “we” are really just me (see "About Us" section) so please understand that we are a small company doing our best to keep up with our customer’s needs.  We like to use the term “we”, not because we are attempting to sound larger than we are, but to honor the immense contributions of the few partners that we work with for molds, casting, electronics, rapid prototyping, decals, metal parts, laser cutting... well... let’s just say that a whole lot goes into these kits and we only work with serious fine craft people to deliver the highest quality products we possibly can.

From time to time we may be out of a particular item you are interested in... and this
may take weeks or even months to correct.  Each kit is essentially hand made, and
takes a significant amount of effort to produce.  We do not take orders (or money)
unless the product is ready to ship now, unless otherwise stated clearly and unmistakably.  In the rare instance that we make an error in this department we typically offer some significant perk or we offer the customer a full refund.  In general, if anyone is ever unhappy with the product when they recieve it we are always perfectly willing to refund their money.